Aaronia AG Equipment


Aaronia AG is a manufacturing company of high end RF & MW equipment based in Germany.

Aaronia was found in 2003 by Mr. Thorsten Chmielus and mainly produces Spectrum Analyzers, Generators, Antennas and Shielding Materials.

Todays purpose of the enterprise is development, trade and sale of measuring equipment, technologies and rights of low and high frequency measurement technique, robotics as well as screening/shielding of RF and E-fields and fundamental research at the segment of communications and measurement engineering, furthermore the construction of own circuitries and measuring methods in particular for the development of extreme sensitive and precise high-frequency measurement devices.

Products and Services

  1. EMC / RF Signal generators
  2. Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer
  3. EMF/RF Sweep Spectrum Analyzer
  4. Near Field Probes & RF Sniffer
  5. RF / Magnetic Shielding
  6. Broadband Preamplifier
  7. Portable GPS Logger


Spectran HF-80200 V5 (9kHz - 20GHz)

Real-Time Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

  • Frequency range: 9kHz to 20GHz
  • Up to 175MHz Real-Time bandwidth
  • POI below 1μS
  • Real-time I/Q streaming via USB
  • Sweep speed: up to 14THz/s
  • Patented polyphase filter technology
  • Patented spectrum analysis (modulated LO)
  • First analyzer with ultra fast LO sweeps (μS DDS sweep)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Optional I/Q Generator (6GHz) and Power Meter (40GHz) available soon
  • Includes World´s first 3D Real-Time Spectrum monitoring and recording Software ‘RTSA Suite’ (gapless streaming and playback)

70dB Shielding Fabric Aaronia Shield ULTRA (50m²)

Product Details:

  • High damping factor of 65dB at 1MHz, 70dB at 1GHz and 46dB at 10GHz (ASTM D 4935-10 Method)
  • Non-Oxidizing, outer layer of nickel for corrosion resistance
  • Surface Resistivity Ω/sq: less than 0.1
  • Half transparent
  • Rustproof
  • Frostproof
  • Tearproof
  • Foldable​
  • Excellent surface conductivity
  • Very easy to handle even for the novice
  • Length per standard unit: 45,5m (50m²). Also available as cut good
  • Lane width: approx. 1,1m
  • Thickness: 0,085mm
  • Mesh Count/inch: 200
  • Colour: Grey
  • Weight: approx. 34g/m2
  • Material: High-performance copper/nickel/polyester compound