ED & D Equipment

ED & D

ED&D, incorporated in 1990, is a world-leading manufacturer of industrial test equipment for product safety applications. Products are made in accordance with various IEC, CE, CSA, UL, VDE, MIL, EN, ASTM or other national and international standards

​Products and Services

  1. Hipot Testing
  2. Ground Continuity Testing
  3. Leakage Current Testing
  4. Accessibility Probes
  5. Impact Testing
  6. Temperature measurement
  7. Voltage, current & power measurement
  8. Power control
  9. Loading devices
  10. Flame & other plastics testing
11. IP code testing
12. Plug, socket & cord testing
13. Breaking capacity testing
14. Abnormal testing
15. Environmental testing
16. Creepage & clearance testing
17. Toy testing
18. Other safety products
19. Safety labels


Impact Testing Products

Series ITB Impact Test Balls

Product Details

  • Complies with all IEC, EN, UL, CSA and International Standards which require a 50mm diameter, 500g impact ball.
  • This ball is hardened steel with a chrome finish and is provided with a removable eyelet to allow for drop or pendulum use.
  • Model ITB-03 is the same as ITB-01 except for a 2 in. diameter and 1.18 lb weight.
  • Model ITB-04 is the same as ITB-01 except for a 40mm in diameter with a Rockwell Hardness of at least R62 (as required by IEC60065, CL18.23)

IP Code Testing

All equipment fully complies with IEC 60529 (IP Code standard) and all other international standards with similar tests.
Use the table below to find products that comply with a specific IP Code test:

Model JET-03/6K High Pressure Jet Nozzle Kit™

Product Details

  • 2.5mm Jet Nozzle for IPX6 Test
  • 6.3mm Jet Nozzle for IPX5 and IPX6K Tests
  • 200 psi, 0.1 psi Resolution Digital Pressure Gauge
  • Compatible with ED&D Exclusive WTR-6K Water Supply System
  • Durable, Hard Plastic Carrying Case

Series STC-DBX Combo Drip Box & Spray Test Chambers

Product Details

  • 110-120 or 220-240 VAC
  • 50-60 Hz
  • 10 A
  • Rated for indoor use between 10 – 40° C
  • Designed for IPX3 & IPX4 testing; also capable of IPX1 & IPX2 testing
  • Spray Tube radius options:
    1. 200mm
    2. 400mm
    3. 600mm (Model STC-DBX-600 ONLY)

Series DTC Dust Chambers

Product Details

For checking the protection against solid foreign objects to verify the degrees of protection IP5X “Dust-protected” and IP6X “Dust-tight.” Manufactured from rectangular steel tubes and sheet steel, with 4 lockable dolly’s (wheels), control cabinet with control and monitoring elements located on the right-hand side, voltages and/or frequencies according to customer needs.

Accessibility Probes

Our complete line of accessibility probes will allow you to determine compliance with all IEC, EN, UL, CE, CSA and other international safety Standards. ED&D offers the highest quality test probes available in the world. These probes are used to determine if accessibility exists with fingers, tools, and foreign objects to hazardous areas

TPK Probe Kits™

Product Details

Several different accessibility probe kits are available for specific standards.
Kits can be created for other standards on request. Probe Kits offer substantial cost savings, not to mention added convenience and portability!


IP Code Testing

Jet Nozzle Kits for protection against ingress of water (IPX5 and IPX6).

Force & Torque Measurement

Model PFI-MDD Force Gauge Test Stand
Product Details

  • Robust Construction
  • Easy To Use
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Ideal for quick one-off checks
  • 1000N Capacity
  • Hand-Wheel Operation
  • Crosshead Travel: 2mm per hand-wheel rotation
  • ED&D Force Gauges have mounting holes for test stand fixin