ComRel SB2.0 RF Shielded Box

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We developed according to your application

We offer shielded enclosures that can provide an efficient RF isolated test environment for testing mobile, testing WLAN and small RF devices on the benches of R&D, service, QC and manufacturing.

Our SB-2.0 has catered to numerous high volume industry production lines and are also ideal for R&D! 

RF Shield Box is built for reliability test to measure devices that needs to be protected from undesired RF Signals. Our SB-2.0 Shield Box provides an efficient RF isolated test environment that shields effectively against RF interferences for device under test (DUT). We have catered to various needs that makes it ideal for testing mobile, WLAN and small RF devices on the benches of R&D, service, QC and manufacturing applications.


  • High RF Shielding
  • Easy Opening/Closing of Automatic Door
  • EMI filters on all Data and DC lines
  • Easily customizable to meet various test needs
  • Fully microwave flat absorber
  • Pneumatic air injection (subjected to application request)
  • Door can be auto and manual (subjected to application request)


  • Shielding effectiveness : ≥ 80dB, from DC to 6GHz

Accessories (Optional) :-

  • offers various additional accessories with the RF Shield Box, creating an interface to suit your application and current need.

Customizable interfaces (subjected to request) :-

  • EMI Filtered DSUB Pins
  • EMI Filtered DC banana socket
  • EMI Filtered USB type
  • EMI Filtered 3.5mm Stereo Jack
  • EMI Filtered RS232
  • EMI Filtered Ac filter
  • EMI Filtered DC filter
  • N-type / BNC / SMA adaptor
  • Air inlet connector (all sizes)
  • Magnet Sensor
  • Lan Cable

Dimensions :-

*tailored to request based on working space 

Weight :-

*subject to change based on design due to applications

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