Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik


Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik was founded by Günter Schwarz Beck in 1953. Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik is headquartered in Schoenau – Altneudorf, near Heidelberg, Germany. The main focus of Schwarzbeck Mess Elektronik is the development, manufacture and distribution of products and services related to EMC measurements.

​Products and Services

  1. Antenna Masts and Tripods
  2. Mast Adapters
  3. Helmholtz Coils / Radiating Loops
  4. Pulse Generators
  5. LISN / AMN
  6. Striplines / TEM-Cells
  7. EMI – Receivers
  8. Dummy Lamps
  9. Preamplifier
  10. Absorbing clamps
  11. CDN – Coupling / Decoupling Networks
  12. Attenuators and Pulse Limiters


Double-Ridged Horn Antennas

The broadband horn antennas BBHA 9120 offer a very low SWR in their nominal frequency range and a very broad bandwidth. The gain increases with frequency up to approx. 21 dBi, depending on the horn’s size and shape. The increasing gain with frequency helps to compensate cable losses. The BBHA 9120 series is suitable for both, transmission and receiving applications. The max. allowed Input Power is only limited by the female N-connector. The detailed manual of the calibrated test antennas includes Gain, Antenna Factor, SWR and Directional Patterns. The antenna is mounted with the 22 mm tube, equipped with a Index Ring for quick changes of polarisation without using tools. We recommend the antenna mast AM 9144 together with the mast adapter AA 9202 as accessories.

Biconical Antennas

Biconical Antennas have dipole like characteristics (e.g. circular directional pattern in the H-plane,”8″-shaped in the E-plane, fixed phase center, comparable gain), with an enormous wide bandwidth achieved by the double cone elements. One of the earliest and worldwide most popular biconical antenna designs is the BBA 9106 with balun VHA 9103 B. During the last years a growing need for expanded frequency ranges arised, which led to the design of biconical antennas reaching down to frequencies of 20 MHz and up to 18 GHz and above. A further increase of bandwidth was achieved with qualified 4:1 baluns, providing a typical gain increase of approx. 6 dB at the lower frequency range.

Antenna Masts and Tripods

The double telescopic antenna mast / tripod is continuously height-adjustable. The mast rods are made of glass fibre to avoid unwanted reflexions. The modular design makes it possible to use different telescope parts and it can be mounted on a mast foot made of stainless steel or one made out of low-reflective fiberglass. Both of them provide a secure stand and easy adjustment on uneven ground. Antennas or adapters can be mounted on the 3/8″ male thread.