TDK RF Solutions designs, manufactures, and installs automated test systems, software, antennas, and a wide range of products used in electromagnetic compatibility test applications. In North America, TDK RF Solutions is your exclusive source for fully anechoic chambers built with TDK’s high performance hybrid absorbers.

TDK is a pioneer in the development of commercial ferrite-based products including components, tile, and polystyrene absorber. TDK RF Solutions combines the experience of TDK with the innovation of EMC Automation to better understand and meet customer needs.

​​​Products and Services

  1. Integrated Test System
  2. EMC Chambers
  3. Absorbers
  4. Software
  5. Antennas
  6. Monitoring Devices
  7. System Controls
  8. Test Accessories
  9. Test Service


Compact Fully Anechoic Chamber

Compact Fully Anechoic Chamber CAC-S™ (26 MHz - 18 GHz)

The TDK fully anechoic EMC chamber CAC-S™, with a size of 7.5 m long, 3.0 m wide and 4.0 m high (24′-7″ x 13′-1″ x 9′-10″), is the most compact EMC anechoic test facility to perform radiated EMC measurements between 26 MHz and 18 GHz. A major advantage of this RF anechoic chamber is that it can be constructed within most industrial buildings and office areas.​

IB Ferrite

​IB Ferrite Tile Series

TDK IB Absorber Series is an electromagnetic absorber tile utilizing the magnetic resonance loss characteristic of ferrite.

IP Absorber

​IP Absorber Series

​TDK IP Absorber Series consists of a styrofoam base and an electromagnetic absorber that uses the magnetic loss of ferrite.


Radiated/Conducted EMS Test System (EMS-TS)

The TDK RF Solutions EMS Test System incorporates the latest technologies to efficiently test to the specifications applicable to your products.