Toellner Electronic


TOELLNER has been offering electronic test and measuring equipment of maximum quality since 1972.
In addition to the world‘s most prestigious vehicle and aircraft constructers, almost all system suppliers of these sectors use TOELLNER products. Furthermore, our equipment and systems are encountered in the development and research fields of industries and universities and in all IT, automation and general electronics sectors.
All TOELLNER products are guaranteed for 24 months, and all devices are complied with VDE 0411 and IEC 348 safety regulations.

​Products and Services

  1. Laboratory power supplies
  2. High-performance power supplies
  3. Arbitrary power supplies
  4. Function generators
  5. Arbitrary generators
  6. Broadband and 4-Quadrant Amplifiers
  7. Software WaveControl


TOE 8800 (Arbitrary Power Supplies from 160 W to 5200 W)

Power: 160 W – 5200 W
Voltage: 100V
Current: 320A
Interface: GPIB, Analog
Highlights: ​Very fast arbitrary power supplies, arbitrary voltage and current characteristics, real-time signals, rise and fall rate approx. 2 V/μs, brief load currents up to 1000 A, internal sink up to 16.000 W, AC superimposition up to 70 kHz, userfriendly arbitrary software.

TOE 7704 TO TOE 7711

Power: 1,1 W
Voltage: 30V
Highlights: Precise signal sources with sweep, trigger, PLL and frequency counter. Universal laboratory devices with excellent properties.