Acoustic Soundproof Enclosures


Pricing :

Picture (front, side, rear view)

Introduction :-

If your building is far from the hustle-bustle of the city, you may not want to consider sound isolation. Many commercial products needed to undergo a specific guidelines to maintain compliance before being marketed in order to get rid of
offensive noise. This is where acoustic solutions came in by dampening the noise and are design to reduce, minimize or eliminate sound emanating from a specific source.

ComRel acoustic enclosures mainly custom room and box enclosures have become the chosen solution in Asia Pacific providing acoustic solution in the noisiest environment. Our design isolates systems from acoustic interference for better accuracy. An acoustic air-borne test shall be performed understanding the noise reduction required by end users.

Features :
• Provide a compact acoustic anechoic chamber experience.
• Optimal for stable and quiet environment for product testing.
• Easy Opening/Closing of Automatic Door
• Easily customizable to meet various test needs
• Fully lined with acoustic absorber
• Pneumatic air injection (subjected to application request)
• Door can be auto and manual (subjected to application request)

Specification :
AB-2.0 Acoustic Box offers noise reductions of 30 dB. Special custom to achieve higher level of noise reduction

Accessories (optional) :
– Anti-Vibration pad for vibration isolation (size depends on box)
– Wheel with stopper (depends on request whether bench-top or floor-stand application)
– Offers various additional accessories creating an interface to suit your application and current need.

Customizable interfaces (subjected to request) :-

Emergency button
Push start button
Green Led Indication
Red Led Indication

SMA(f) outside and SMA(f) inside
DSUB 25Pins
DSUB 37Pins
DC banana socket
M6 air tubing
USB type A/B female
3.5mm Stereo Jack connector

Dimensions :-
*tailored to request based on working space
Weight :-
*subject to change based on design due to applications

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